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  • Type of foodAsian
  • 0097203-624-0044


Zepra is one of the places to get the  best Asian food in Israel.

And besides the food, the restaurants, they also received superduper  reviews about the interior:

“Conforti’s investment and perfectionism is manifested in everything that is Zepra, from the name, through the architectural concept, the kitchen’s structure and the largest Tequila bar in Israel, to the culinary techniques and utensils like the Aztec wooden oven, special planchas and the ceiling extractor, which is the first in Israel.”


Zepra is a striped bird,
A winged zebra,
Looking curiously at its surroundings.
As the story goes,
Zepra chooses to stay
Where people are happy
And things like to occur.
“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”
Says Zepra in flawless old Javanese,
Is what happens when the different pieces
Form into one.

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