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We went out to look for the fire. We searched for bonfires in remote villages, in kitchens, in ovens, in barns, in forests and mountains.

All over Asia, we searched for that mythical fire dragon, the one hovering at night, past and future, fluttering and blowing, lighting the imagination,
dancing in flames around the table, stirring the hearts. We did not stop until we found that flame and re-ignited it.

Topolopompo. The fire is burning in the kitchen. Welcome to the table.

The lunch menu includes a small plate, a large plate and a choice between a bottle of TOPOLOPOMPO WATER / cold exotic infusion / grapefruit limonade at the price of the big plate

Menu example

(june 2018)


Tong Gold Fortune
Chopped tofu, exotic mushrooms, onions, shouching and soy glaze

Tong Spring Equity
Chopped chicken, exotic mushrooms, onions, celery and ginger

Tong Hon Becker
Yunnan Beef, blackened cauliflower, green onions in chili sauce and blackened beans

Tong Shrimp Capital
Peppers, onions, Chinese cabbage, ginger and puree goume chili

Kadhai Zen Carey
Vegetable garden, legumes, tofu, tomatoes, yogurt, spices and jasmine rice

Yellow chicken curry
Chicken breast, onion, pumpkin curry, Thai seeds and jasmine rice

Red curry curry
Duck breast, moist pineapple in Thai tomato curry and jasmine rice

Buffet Pakistani eggplant
Eggplant puree, meatballs, baked garlic, red Kashmiri chili and tandoor roti

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