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Darna restaurant, located in a beautiful 200 years old building in the heart of Jerusalem, brings us the story of Moroccan hospitality as it was woven over thousands of years, from the endless spaces of the Sahara through Tichka and Tudra to the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains.
A journey in space, in time and in taste, fingerprints of the people and tribes that conquered Morocco and were conquered by the magic of its delicacies.
Darna is an authentic Moroccan Restaurant, Glatt Kosher

The rich menu served in Darna offers a wide variety of dishes accumulated over time, creating a unique culinary tapestry. The dishes are witness to the influences of the local Berber tribes, wandering Arab tribes and the Spanish Moors. All left their mark on the Moroccan cuisine.

Darna is hidden behind an old heavy door, a spectacular architectural jewel. The restaurant itself is work of art, with an extraordinary collection of columns, stained glass windows, colorful tiles, capitals and arches, as well as silver vessels and big ceramic dishes. Even the costumes of the waiters were carefully selected and collected from the finest workshops in Morocco.



Menu example (June 2018, prices can change)


Darna’s Gourmet Menu

-240 NIS-
The price includes VAT and does not include gratuity

Royal first courses

Pastilla fassia, selection of fine salads
and briouat medley

Festive main course
Tangia Marrakshia in cumin with preserved lemon
Mechoui- roasted lamb shoulder with almonds, for two
Veal tangia- with red peppers and barley
Lamb tagine with seasonal fruits or vegetables
Royal couscous- with lamb, prunes and raisins
Glazed Cornish hen- with raisins, almonds and onions
Stuffed artichoke tagine

Darna’s sweet temptation
An irresistible dessert platter

Green mint tea

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