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"Your food will be your medicine, and your medicine will be your food" Hippocrates (Ιπποκράτης) 460 – 377 b.c.e. Together with our agricu...

Derech Eretz




Ein Kerem

 Meat, Steak House


Mevaseret Zion



Next time you feel like combining good food, a pleasant atmosphere and a picturesque view, come to us and you will be happy to discover that it is all...

Abu Gosh

Abu Ghosh

 Middle Eastern, Meat, Seafood

The original restaurant "Caravan Inn" has been. established in 1950 by Haj Mussa, the Mukhtar of. the village of Abu Gosh. Originally the place served...

Caravan Inn

Abu Ghosh

 Middle Eastern, Seafood, Steak House


Inside a yard, amongst stone houses and fruit trees,opposite the Kiryat Anavim Kibbutz, is an authentic. excellent Lebanese restaurant. The country's ...

The Lebanese restaurant

Abu Ghosh

 Lebanese, Middle Eastern

Rama's Kitchen



Restaurant Karma was built 13 years ago, in the heart of Ein Kerem, a beautiful neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem which is a cultural and rel...


Ein Kerem

 Italian, Sea Food, Meat


Welcome to Naura – the restaurant in. the wadi. We are happy to welcome you. with some of the best authentic dishes. and offer you our professional ...


Abu Ghosh

 Middle Eastern


Abu Ghosh


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