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Memorable Dining at Betty and Nachi's Bistro

A unique and tantilising eating experience awaits discerning diners at Betty and Nachi's secluded Bistro, adjacent to their home on Moshav Ramot - known as "At Betty and Nachi's".

Behind a simple wooden door lies a rich world of culinary delights, concocted, cooked and prepared to perfection by Nachi's own hands. Nachi who began cooking for his own pleasure – eventually found himself cooking for diners who were willing to entrust their pallets to his imaginative cookery, and set out on a fascinatingly enjoyable expedition of flavours, blends and textures, the best of local cuisine - all to be sampled and enjoyed.
In this unusual setting – Nachi is the host and his diners - his personal guests.

The wood, basalt and deep red décor enhance the feeling of entering into another dimension, far removed from daily concerns. Here good food is of the essence. Candle flames romantically reflected in the wine and water goblets add to the sense of expectancy and enjoyment even before the first dishes arrive at the table. Get ready for an evening of gastronomic adventure!

Based on a "Taster's menu" comprising well over 15 dishes offering a mouthwatering selection of vegetarian, cheese and meat servings – seasoned beautifully, it is important to pace oneself, in order to be able to sample and enjoy them all.

As the evening at Betty and Nachi's progresses into the night, the outdoor deck ensconced in greenery welcomes diners who wish to stay on and ponder the pleasures of good dining, good company and a memorable night out…


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