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Somewhere in the Galilee,
among the hills of Har Hashabi,
is a place of harmony,
and cheese making goats roaming free.

Homes made from tiny stones,
where even the goats are milked in thrones,
a restaurant hidden beneath the trees,
our farm is like a Temple built for cheese.

An escape from the noise of Babylon,
to our restaurant many urban dwellers throng,
to our Kingdom run off solar power,
where the only skyscraper is a 12 foot sunflower.

Volunteers come to help in our work of turning hay,
into pots of yogurt, Ricotta and Lebaneh,
in exchange for food and a place to stay,
we work all day and drink Turkish café.

The cows cry 'moo!', the sheep shout 'baaa!'
in anticipation of your visit to Halav im ha Ruah,
the home of Amnon and Daliah,
it will become your home too... 'En Shallah'.

born into a family with a rich culinary tradition, Daliah's restaurant at Goats with the Wind farm offers all that the restaurants in the big city can offer without the stress of being in a big city. Hidden beneath carob trees or on soukots overlooking Galilee's Netofa valley and elegantly arranged upon Turkish carpets and cushions, our restaurant is perfect for couples, families and groups looking to spend time in the great outdoors with the animal kingdom. We can also provide a table in front of a fire place during the colder months.

We offers a standard, organic and meat menu. The restaurant is affordably priced in order to be available to everyone, but bookings must be made in advance.


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