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Chef Nir Zook plaza started as a small restaurant with big dreams, and became a fascinating mosaic of restaurants and places of entertainment that every one of them has it's own unique character that sits together with the vision of chef Nir Zook.

In a hidden narrow in the old city of Jaffa, not far away from the flea market and the busy clock square, there is a plaza full of surprises, waiting for you. The Chef Nir Zook plaza offers an outstanding combination between culinary experience and personal hospitality to each one. In the plaza you can enjoy different experiences: Cordelia the chef restaurant, Noa Bistro, Whisky Club room & Jaffa bar.

Since his childhood Nir Zook was attracted to the kitchen's charm. He acquired his culinary training in San Francisco & in France & he combined his gourmet kitchen with the tastes and aromas that he grew up on.

The colorful and rich plaza which he built with his own hands, combines a great love to food, tastes& smells with a very personal aesthetic and creative vision.

Over a decade the chef has been a significant part of the Israeli gourmet scene.

During this years he has made a refreshing mark and has gathered a loyal fan community. Zook hosts personal television shows, writes a weekly column in the "Yediot Aharonot" newspaper, publishes cooking books and promises to surprise the visitors of his plaza, including you…


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