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HaKovshim bistro was launched in 2009, on the outskirts of the Carmel Market, a short walk from the Mediterranean.
An Israeli bistro that combines Tel Aviv funkiness with the spirit of that vibrant market nearby, HaKovshim features all the fun deriving from its closeness to Tel Aviv's mythic Carmel market. We buy our vegetables there daily, and they're soon on your plate.
Decorating the shelves are baskets of fruit and vegetables, fresh farm eggs, jars of pickles, flower bouquets, cookbooks and containers of colourful treats (help yourself!) and household goods for sale - decorative floral tablecloths and retro serving-dishes.

Our menu features Mediterranean dishes – like tapas, sardines, fresh sandwiches with classic Israeli dishes. It's all fresher than fresh, and changes daily, depending on what's in season in our local market.


Though Israel is also known as the start up nation and leading in internet technology inventions, you might be surprised how long it can take to answer an email. Use your phone if its urgent or if you don't get any reply.



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