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"Your food will be your medicine, and your medicine will be your food" Hippocrates (Ιπποκράτης) 460 – 377 b.c.e

Together with our agricultural activity, our visitors can benefit from coffee in nature served in our farm.
You sit in our restaurant, look at the beautiful landscape through the large windows and you enjoy our delicious and healthy dishes.

Tasty and zesty
The special spirit of Derech Eretz Farm leaves its strong inspiration on our food and dishes. The taste, the art, the health and aesthetics all are served in each dish.
We pick our own fresh herbs from our greenhouse, and you can feel the touches of the seasoning in the delicious food.
Do you want something sweet? Ask for our aromatic coffee and tasty cakes, baked especially for you in the oven of our pastry cook, Osnat – yes, she is our home confectioner!
Derech Eretz restaurant is Dairy Kosher - Mahadrin

Restaurant opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 17:00 - midnight
Friday: 09:00 - 16:00
Shabbat: one hour after motzaei shabbat - midnight


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