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The original restaurant "Caravan Inn" has been
established in 1950 by Haj Mussa, the Mukhtar of
the village of Abu Gosh. Originally the place served
as a transit station during the times of the Turks.
The restaurant is called "Caravan" due to its location
at the transit station, by the main road to Jerusalem.

Its unique location on the crossroad, combined with the
quality of its food and its aroma - are the ingredients
that impart its good reputation and attract to it, daily,
hundreds of residents, tourists and passers by.

At the front of the building, the guests of the restaurant
can feast their eyes on the impressive ceramic work
of the artist Bezalel Schatz, telling the history of
the village.

In 1958 Haj Mussa responded to the application of
the Ministry of Tourism, and enlarged the area of the
restaurant so it can accommodate a larger number of

In 1994, Haj Mussa was honored with the lighting
of the Independence Day's Beacon, in honor of the
fraternity of the people of Israel, in the opening ceremony
of Independence Day on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

Haj Mussa passed away in 1997, at the age of 81.


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