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The Deca restaurant defines the new cuisine in Tel Aviv. Up until now, Elite Cuisine was usually a definition for the French cuisine alone, today Deca shows us a menu which meets the definition of Elite Cuisine, but a cousin that is filled with Mediterranean flavors, from the present in Israel.

The restaurant menu is based on milk products cuisine and most of the dishes make use of products from the ocean and the local flavors we all know, the purpose of this cuisine is to serve simple food, exquisite and tasty, which fits the kosher clients as well as the non-kosher ones.

The interior design was planned and executed by Irena Cronenberg and Alon Bernovitch. It was planned through consideration of keeping the pleasantness of the Taasiya street, and with the use of the standing building as a central concept after adjusting the ceilings, walls and floor to the new place with came to life.

Deca is fully equipped to hold private events up to 150 guests in the restaurant dinning hall or up to 30 guests in the private room.
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