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Just a step away from the Tel Center for the Performing Arts you'll find Alternative Restaurant – a strictly kosher dairy restaurant, offering a most enjoyable culinary experience. The restaurant has recently moved from Hamedina Square to its new location at 10 Dubnov St., where you can enjoy the food on the terrace while absorbing some of the culture from the neighboring Center for the Performing Arts.

Alternative offers a rich, healthy and varied dairy menu, with Hatam Sofer Petah Tikva kashruth. The restaurant's rich menu offers a wide variety of delightful tastes that include tasty breakfasts, creative sandwiches, fresh fish, aromatic homemade focaccias and pizzas baked in a stone oven, fresh bread and the chef's fish specialty.

In addition to the menu, the restaurant offers a pleasant, elegant ambiance, enveloping the diners from the moment they enter. The peaceful atmosphere together with the generous selection of dishes make Alternative Restaurant the perfect place to start the day, to eat a business lunch in the afternoon, and in the evening – to enjoy quiet music in pleasant surroundings, with the tastes and aromas of Alternative.


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