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‘Shiri Bistro’ is a French rural restaurant at domain 'Pina Barosh' in the old restoration site of Rosh Pina. Under the trees on Moroccan mosaic tables you can enjoy our rich breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu is plentiful and combines principles from the French kitchen with local tastes and ingredients. Shiri try to preserve the delicate original taste from finest raw material with simplicity, a pinch of spices and a generous amount of olive oil, garlic and herbs.

Shiri Friedman was one of a few young 'pioneers' that took off to learn the art of novel cuisine. She studied French gourmet for three years with Bernard Loiseau at the La Cote d'Or, an idyllic country haven to savor the culinary marvels drawing subtle flavors from the best local production. Shiri returned home in 1995 and opened the restaurant with her name 'Shiri Gourmet' at Pina Barosh, later changed to 'Shiri Bistro'.

At the restaurant you can choose between the spacious patio overlooking the breathtaking view, or the inner intimate balcony that also used for special events of up to 30 diners. You can also enjoy the Wine Bar that specializes in Israeli wines from the Golan Heights and the Galilee.


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