1 Prof. Yehezkel Kaufmann Street, Tel Aviv  - 03-7367272

32.06346000 34.76173200

Vicky Cristina , tapas and wine bar, located in a spacious patio under an antique rubber tree, in the station(tahana) area of Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv is proud of its Spanish atmosphere.

Vicky – is the tapas restaurant, found on the right side of the patio, under the direction of Chef Roi Harari. It is characterized by its intimate seating, soft background music and comfortable opening hours beginning in early afternoon.

Cristina – is the wine bar, located on the other side of the patio, opening at 19:00 every day. Seating is on high bar stools around a garden of mosaic covered sculptures, inspired by Barcelona's famous Park Goel and it's characterized by its rhythmic music, its ultra Spanish atmosphere and its variety of more than 120 different wines.


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