23 Elifelet Street, Tel Aviv  - 03-6837383

32.05730000 34.76426100

Norma Jean is a warm and friendly bistro-bar, offering a wide-ranging menu, centering around high quality meat dishes such as steaks, spare-ribs, gourmet sausages and of course our renowned hamburger. Some of our unique dishes involve cooking with beer or can be accompanied by a suitable specialty beer recommended by our trained staff.
The bar presents a rare collection of whiskies- the largest in the country with over 200 different labels. In addition we have 15 beer taps, and over 70 brands of bottled beer. You can try either our beer or our whiskey tasting menu which enables you to taste these beverages from different areas of the world. We also recommend our rare beers, vintage beers and Israeli boutique beers.
The place has tables for 2-10 people, a bar with 15 seats, and a large beer-garden.
Norma Jean is situated in a quiet area in Tel Aviv close to Jaffa and to the old neighborhood of “Neve Tzedek and has easy access by car with free parking near by.


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