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Canela – a chef restaurant located in the heart of Jerusalem - offers a romantic experience of polished kosher dining plus a classic, elegant space. Leading the team at Canela is Chef Assaf Ariel.
As Chef Assaf remarks, since Canela is Jerusalem’s flagship restaurant it proudly serves a classic French menu alongside sophisticated stars of Israeli cuisine. So you’ll find a menu with an assortment of the finest meat imaginable, perfectly aged entrecote, along with beef fillet and silky goose liver, as well as duck and lamb. And of course the fish we serve is sent daily from Israel’s ports - straight to the chef's hot skillet.

Everyone has a soft spot for extraordinary desserts and so Canela features an in-house pastry-shop. For example - our pear cooked in white wine together with vanilla pods and star anise, that is then placed in a sweet chocolate soufflé and finally enfolded in kadaif shreds. Then we put everything in the oven at 200 degrees... and at the exact right time, we remove the pear and place it on a delicate pistachio cream.
And that’s just one delight on the list of Canela’s desserts and baked goods.

Accompanying your dining experience is a list of outstanding Israeli wines from producers such as the Golan Heights Winery, the Carmel Regional series, Barkan, and Castel. We naturally offer a variety of boutique wines – Katlav, Kadesh Barnea, Psagot and Adir. A collection of special wines is kept in the restaurant’s cellar, showcasing selected vintages of top boutique wineries.

In addition to the classic atmosphere and fine cuisine, Canela offers several options for a range of events. Canela is a two-storey restaurant with each floor providing separate bar services, music, and bathrooms for each floor. We will be delighted to host group meals for up to 100 people - privacy and enjoyment are guaranteed!

Also upstairs is a private VIP room with acoustic separation from the rest of the space, using modular walls. Services such as the drop down ceiling projector, TV, wireless internet, telephone conferencing and fax, mean that our VIP room is an excellent choice for business meetings and special dinners.


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