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Japanese cuisine is known to be healthy, low-calorie and low-cholesterol, easy to digest, tasty and famous for being served esthetically.

While Chinese cuisine tantalizes the sense of smell, Japanese cuisine satisfies the visual sense. The arrangement of food on the plate must be esthetically pleasing. The varied portions served must be in harmony with nature.

Japan is an island country, and so has been blessed with a profusion of fresh fish and seafood, as well as fertile soil that yields an abundance of fresh produce. Traditional Japanese cuisine originates in the sea and consists mainly of fish, crabs, shell fish, seaweed and other sea food. Japanese menus also include several dishes made with chicken (for example, gyoza).

A traditional Japanese meal includes: a bowl of white rice (gohan), a main course of fish or meat, a side dish of cooked vegetables, miso soup (made from soy bean puree) or suimono clear soup.

Kyoto's chef creates an incomparable fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with the unique flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. The superb, unconventional blend of flavors, colors and cultures define Kyoto as one of the leading Japanese restaurants in the country.

Events at Kyoto
Japanese culture is well-known for its hospitality. Kyoto offers their customers the possibility of an unequalled experience, an event at Kyoto. The restaurant caters to all types of events with up to 150 guests; parties, birthday parties, business events, etc.


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